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Diamond Wire hollow Drills


Unlock new possibilities in drilling with Diamond Wire Hollow Drills, innovative tools engineered for precision and versatility. Featuring a hollow core design and diamond-embedded wire, these drills offer fast and efficient material removal, resulting in clean and accurate holes on a variety of substrates, including ceramics, composites, and natural stone. Whether drilling holes for dowels or creating openings for ventilation ducts, Diamond Wire Hollow Drills provide superior performance and reliability, ensuring optimal results in any drilling application.

These Diamond Wire hollow Drills bits are perfect for your Hobby bits, Mini bits or Dermal bits .They are a great addition to any bead kit and can be used for opening up holes when bead stringing. Diamond drill bits machined perfectly straight Diamond tipped drill bit with a diamond coated end Use for drilling gem stones as stone drills, drilling beads, drilling pebbles, drilling glass, drilling jewels etc. A great jewelery making tool and Dermal accessory. These diamond drill  bits should be run at 7000 - 10,000 RPM,this is approximately the slowest speed on your Dermal. Start the hole by tilting the diamond drill  and then gradually moving the diamond drill  to the vertical position once the hole has been started. Always use the diamond wire hollow drillswith water (and washing up liquid optional) and use gentle pressure throughout. Repeatedly moving the drill  up and down enables the water to circulate and removes excess debris. Length 35mm,45mm and 65mm

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