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Screwback Master Support Lap


The Economical Screwback Master Laps are expertly crafted base plates engineered to offer stability and support for other laps in lapidary work. These laps undergo meticulous precision grinding to ensure flatness and parallelism, guaranteeing uniformity and accuracy during gemstone polishing and shaping tasks. With a thickness of 1/4" and equipped with a 1/4"-20 right thread, they are compatible with a wide range of lapidary machines and setups, enhancing versatility and ease of use. While they do not come charged with abrasive, they serve as durable and dependable foundations for other laps, facilitating seamless gemstone polishing processes. These master laps are essential tools for lapidary enthusiasts seeking precise and consistent results in their work.

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6"x1/2" hole


8"x1/2" hole

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