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The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, available in diameters ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches, offers a convenient and versatile solution for attaching abrasive tools and equipment in lapidary and diamond cutting applications. With its adhesive properties activated by pressure, it ensures secure and reliable attachment to a variety of surfaces.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive, often referred to as PSA, is a type of adhesive that is applied to a surface and becomes tacky or sticky when pressure is applied. In lapidary and diamond cutting and polishing, Pressure-sensitive adhesive is commonly used for various tools and equipment, such as diamond laps, diamond discs, master laps, and more. How it's typically used:

  1. Diamond Laps: diamond laps are used for grinding and polishing gemstones. Pressure-sensitive adhesive can be applied to the surface of a lap, allowing you to attach and secure diamond or abrasive discs for the grinding and polishing process. This makes it easy to change discs as needed.

  2. Diamond Discs: diamond Discs are abrasive tools with diamond particles embedded in them. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the back of these discs, allowing them to be easily attached and removed from backing plates or laps as they wear down during use.

  3. Master Laps: Master laps are used as a base for attaching various abrasive discs or polishing pads. Pressure-sensitive adhesive can be used to secure these  discs or pads to the Master lap's surface. This flexibility allows lapidary workers to switch between different abrasives and achieve the desired finish.

  4. Other Diamond Tools: Pressure-sensitive adhesive can be used in various other diamond tools and equipment to secure abrasive materials, grinding wheels, and polishing pads.

The advantage of using Pressure-sensitive adhesive in these applications is that it provides a convenient and secure way to attach and change abrasive materials. It allows lapidary workers to adapt their tools for different stages of the cutting and polishing process and maintain efficiency in their work. Additionally, PSA typically leaves no residue when removed, making it a clean and practical choice for these applications.

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