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This magnetic system makes changing from one grit to the next extremely easy, the magnetic base platen stays in place, while the support plates are quickly and easily changed during the grinding and polishing sequence. It can use with Iron or steel support plate except the Aluminium support lap(Plate).Important!

(1) If Aluminium or other Non-Ferris Backing Plate the adhesive sticker will permanently adhere to your Plate.

(2) If metal or iron master lap the non adhesive  style is may be used.. The magnetic will do its job holding firmly in place.Welcome to a new level of convenience and efficiency in your grinding and polishing sequences, thanks to our revolutionary Magnetic System. Designed to simplify your processes and enhance your workflow, this system redefines how you transition between different grits and support plates.

Key Features:

Seamless Grit Transitions: Our Magnetic System ensures that switching from one grit to another is a breeze. No more struggling with cumbersome changes—simply let the Magnetic technology do the work for you.

Stable Base Platen: The Magnetic base platen stays securely in place, providing a stable foundation for your grinding and polishing operations. Say goodbye to unnecessary movement and instability.

Quick Support Plate Changes: The support Plates can be swiftly and easily changed during the grinding and polishing sequence. This means you can focus on your work without interruptions, increasing overall efficiency.

Compatibility Information:

The Magnetic system is compatible with Iron or steel support Plates, except for Aluminium support lap (plates).

Important Notes:

Adhesive Sticker: If you're using an Aluminium or other Non-Ferris Backing Plate, please be aware that the adhesive sticker will permanently adhere to your Plate.

Non-Adhesive Style: If you're using a metal or iron master lap, the non-adhesive style can be used. The magnet will securely hold the components in place, ensuring stability during your work.

Experience the future of lapidary craftsmanship with our Magnetic System. Embrace the ease of grit transitions and the stability of our design, all aimed at enhancing your grinding and polishing processes. At HANS Inc., we're committed to providing innovative solutions that make a difference. Choose convenience. Choose efficiency. Choose HANS Inc.

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