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Diamond Pacific Nova Points


Unlock the full potential of your lapidary projects with Diamond Pacific Nova Points, engineered for versatility and durability. Whether you're working on cabochons, faceted stones, or intricate carvings, these points deliver exceptional results, ensuring precision and efficiency every time.

The Diamond Pacific Nova Point, also known as a resin diamond burr or resin diamond bit, is a tool widely used in various industries and crafts for cutting, grinding, and shaping hard materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, and metals. It comprises a metal shafts with a resin bond that securely holds diamond particles or grits in place.

The resin bond is a robust adhesive material that ensures the retention of the diamond particles on the tool's surface. This bond enables the diamond points to maintain their shape and cutting effectiveness even under high-speed rotation and pressure.

Diamond Pacific Nova Point find common applications in tasks demanding precision and intricate detailing, such as jewelry making, carving elaborate designs, engraving, and shaping gemstones. They come in various shapes and sizes, including Rounded cylinder, Bullet and Flat End with each design tailored for specific purposes.

When using Diamond Pacific Nova Point, it's essential to wear appropriate safety gear like goggles and gloves to protect yourself from debris and potential injuries. Furthermore, it's crucial to use them at the correct speed and pressure to prevent overheating and damage to the material being worked on.

It's important to note that while Diamond Pacific Nova Point are effective for many materials, they may not be suitable for extremely hard substances such as diamonds themselves or specific types of industrial-grade ceramics. In such cases, specialized diamond tools with a different bond or composition may be necessary.

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