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Tapered Inverted Cross End Bur

Diamond Drill Bits

Tapered Inverted Cross End Bur

The Cross End diamond bits are incredibly versatile due to their ability to cut through various hard materials efficiently. Their diamond grit coating allows for precise detailing, carving, engraving, and finishing on surfaces like wood, glass, ceramics, jade, hardened steel, semi-precious stones, and other ultra-hard materials.

The grit number on diamond bits determines their coarseness, with lower numbers indicating a coarser grit. Smaller grit numbers remove more material at once, making them suitable for rougher shaping or cutting. Conversely, higher grit numbers provide finer detailing and smoother finishes, ideal for delicate work or final touches on intricate designs.

These bits are utilized in various industries and applications, including jewelry making, woodworking, metalworking, and crafting. Their durability and precision make them invaluable for tasks requiring intricate detailing or working with exceptionally hard materials where traditional tools might struggle to perform effectively.

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