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Sphere Concave

Diamond Drill Bits

Sphere Concave

The tapered inverted cone hollow-shaped diamond burs are highly versatile tools suitable for carving, grinding, and pre-forming a wide range of materials, including glass, stones, ceramics, bone, and metals.

These burs feature a 1-1/2" long mandrel shank, measuring 3/32" in diameter, designed to fit into various rotary tools like Foredom, Dremel (with a 3/32″ collet), or any flex shaft hand piece accepting a 3/32″ diameter shank. With ten different diameter sizes available, they offer options for different carving, grinding needs.

The diamond coating on these burs is evenly electroplated onto steel, ensuring high-quality performance. The diamonds are securely locked into place, providing an aggressive grinding rate for efficient material removal.

For optimal usage, it's recommended to lubricate the burs  with clean water before and during use. This lubrication serves as a coolant, reducing heat buildup and friction during grinding operations, thereby enhancing the tool's lifespan and performance.

These burs are ideal for artisans, craftsmen, and professionals working with various materials, offering precision and efficiency in shaping and grinding tasks across different industries. Their ability to work on both hard and soft materials makes them versatile tools for a range of applications, from jewelry making to glasswork and metalworking.

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