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Donut Shape

Diamond Drill Bits

Donut Shape

Diamond donut burs are specialized tools designed for carving and grinding ring or donut shapes into pre-drilled precious or non-precious stones or crystals. These burs feature a slightly concave shape with a raised central point, allowing for precise shaping of the desired ring or donut form.

They typically come with an 80# 240# and 320# and have a 6mm shank, making them compatible with various rotary tools. These burrs are available in different diameter sizes, ranging from 20mm to 50mm, providing options for different-sized rings or donuts.

Popular in lapidary work, these burrs are used with a wide variety of gemstones such as jade. Additionally, they are suitable for working on crystals, hard woods, bone, ceramics, glass, and stones due to their diamond-coated surface, which provides efficient grinding and shaping capabilities.

Their ability to precisely carve and grind specific shapes makes them valuable tools in jewelry making, lapidary crafts, and various artisanal endeavors where shaping stones or crystals into unique forms is required.

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