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Countersink Shape

Diamond Drill Bits

Countersink Shape

The nickel electroplated diamond donut burs, with their tapered grinding heads made from high-quality 45-gauge steel and coated with synthetic diamonds, are robust tools suitable for a wide range of applications.

Their surface, crafted with high-strength synthetic diamonds, ensures durability and efficiency in grinding operations. These burs excel in boring through high-hardness metals like hard alloys, tools subjected to quenching or nitriding processes, alloy steel knives, and deburring or shaping molds. They're adept at chamfering, polishing, and working on fixtures.

Moreover, these burs are versatile enough to handle high-hardness, brittle non-metallic materials such as glass, ceramics, jewelry, and jade. Their design makes them suitable for various machining tasks, including shaping , chamfering, and polishing these materials to achieve desired forms and finishes.

With a straight shank, these burs offer stability and precision during use, making them compatible with different rotary tools for efficient and controlled grinding tasks across a spectrum of hard materials. Their wear-resistant nature and high efficiency make them valuable tools in industries involving metalworking, jewelry making, and craftsmanship where precision and durability are paramount.

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