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Concave Cone

Diamond Drill Bits

Concave Cone

Concave cone head diamond drill bits are specialized tools used in various industries for specific drilling ,shaping and carving tasks. These bits feature a unique concave cone shape at the tip, designed for precision drilling ,shaping and carving on hard materials like glass, ceramics, stones, and metals.

Their diamond-coated surface allows for efficient and precise cutting. The concave shape helps in creating specific contours, recesses, or concave surfaces within the material being worked on. These bits are especially useful for tasks that require intricate detailing or shaping where other conventional drill bits might not be as effective.

Just like other diamond-coated tools, these  drill bits should be used with water or a coolant to prevent overheating and ensure a longer lifespan. The water acts as a coolant during the drilling process, reducing friction and heat buildup.

These specialized drill bits are commonly used in jewelry making, glasswork, ceramics, and other crafts where detailed drilling ,shaping and carving  on hard materials is required. Their unique shape and diamond coating make them essential tools for achieving precise and intricate designs.

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