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Cono y demostración de diamante electrochapado

Nuestras cúpulas de diamante electrochapadas con base de 4 pulgadas de diámetro son ideales para pulir rápida y eficientemente biseles más grandes y profundos en el borde interior de piezas de vidrio con extremos abiertos. Disponibles en granos gruesos, medios y finos, se pueden usar antes que nuestras cúpulas de resina de diamante para un pulido más rápido y profundo de biseles de vidrio en los labios internos.

Nuestros conos de diamante de ángulo incluido de 60 grados son la manera perfecta de pulir el borde interior de recipientes u otras piezas de vidrio con extremos abiertos. Disponibles en granos gruesos, medios y finos, se pueden usar antes de los conos de suavizado a base de resina para eliminar rápidamente más vidrio de piezas de paredes más gruesas y crear biseles interiores más grandes.


  1. Efficiency in Grinding: Electroplated diamond domes efficiently grind larger and deeper bevels due to their abrasive nature. The diamond particles embedded in the dome provide effective material removal without excessive pressure, allowing for controlled and precise shaping of the glass.

  2. Precision: These domes offer the necessary precision required for creating bevels in glass. They allow artisans to achieve the desired depth and angle without causing damage or irregularities to the glass surface.

  3. Consistent Results: They deliver consistent and uniform results, ensuring that the bevels created are smooth, polished, and of the desired shape throughout the glass piece.

  4. Durability: Their durability and longevity make them suitable for repetitive tasks like grinding bevels in multiple glass pieces. They maintain their cutting ability over extended periods, providing cost-effective solutions for glassworking.

Using electroplated diamond domes in this context allows glassworkers to efficiently create intricate designs or functional features, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of their glass pieces. As always, proper technique, adequate lubrication, and adherence to safety precautions are crucial when using these tools to achieve optimal results.


  1. Glass Beveling: When working with open-ended glass pieces like vases, bowls, or glass sculptures, creating bevels on the interior lip requires precision and control. Electroplated diamond domes are used to grind and shape these bevels efficiently, allowing artisans to create smooth, polished edges inside the glass.

  2. Custom Glass Designs: Glass artists and craftsmen use this technique to add decorative elements or functional designs to their glass creations. Beveling the interior edges enhances the aesthetic appeal and can also serve practical purposes, such as facilitating easier cleaning or adding structural integrity.

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