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Rueda de afilado de diamante CBN

CBN Diamond Sharpening Wheel

Estas ruedas están equilibradas de fábrica, lo que hace que las amoladoras funcionen con mucha suavidad. Las muelas tienen una cara de 1 1/2 "para usar, no necesitan ningún apósito, por lo tanto, no tendrá el desorden de rectificar las ruedas o respirar el polvo relacionado con las muelas. No hay azulado del acero, ya que estos Las muelas abrasivas ponen muy poco calor en la herramienta. En un afilado normal, aún puede tocar el extremo de la herramienta. Es posible que haya notado en las imágenes de las amoladoras que se han quitado las protecciones. Puede quitar las protecciones con estas muelas porque no hay posibilidad de que exploten. Sin los protectores, tiene mejor luz y no hay sombras de los protectores al afilar sus herramientas. Aún debe usar protección para los ojos. Sugiera usar grano 180 para nuestras herramientas de rebordear, sesgos y gubias de husillo Usamos grano 60 u 80 para dar forma y afilar nuestras herramientas de torneado más grandes, ya que producen un gran filo.


  1. High Hardness: CBN is one of the hardest known materials, second only to natural diamond. This extreme hardness allows CBN sharpening wheels to efficiently sharpen even the hardest tool materials.

  2. Longevity: CBN sharpening wheels have a long service life due to their exceptional durability. They maintain their cutting edge and don't wear down as quickly as traditional abrasive wheels, reducing the frequency of wheel replacement.

  3. Consistent Performance: CBN wheels offer consistent and repeatable sharpening results. They maintain their shape and sharpness over time, ensuring that tools are consistently sharpened to the desired angles and profiles.

  4. Cool Cutting: Unlike some abrasive wheels that generate a lot of heat during sharpening, CBN wheels operate at cooler temperatures. This minimizes the risk of overheating and damaging the tool's temper or hardness.

  5. Precise Sharpening: CBN sharpening wheels are capable of achieving very fine and precise sharpening results. They can produce sharp edges with minimal burring or material removal.

  6. Versatility: CBN wheels can be used for a wide range of cutting tools, including turning tools, chisels, drill bits, and more. They are also suitable for sharpening high-speed steel and carbide inserts.

  7. Reduced Maintenance: Due to their long lifespan and minimal wear, CBN wheels require less maintenance and dressing compared to traditional abrasive wheels.

  8. Compatibility: CBN sharpening wheels can be used with various sharpening systems and machines, making them versatile and adaptable to different workshop setups.

  9. Reduced Dust and Debris: CBN wheels produce fewer dust and particles during sharpening, contributing to a cleaner and safer working environment.

  10. Efficient Material Removal: CBN wheels efficiently remove material while maintaining the tool's shape, reducing the time and effort required for sharpening.

  11. Cost-Effective: Although CBN wheels may have a higher upfront cost compared to some abrasive wheels, their longevity and consistent performance make them cost-effective in the long run.

Grit Range

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) diamond sharpening wheels come in various grit ranges to accommodate different sharpening needs and applications. The choice of grit size depends on the type of cutting tool or material you are sharpening and the desired level of sharpness or finish.General overview of common CBN sharpening wheel grit ranges:

  1. Coarse Grit (80 to 180):

  2. Coarse-grit CBN wheels are used for rapid material removal and reprofiling of tools.

  3. Suitable for sharpening heavily damaged or dull tools.

  4. Commonly used for shaping and rough sharpening.

  5. Medium Grit (220 to 400):

  6. Medium-grit CBN wheels provide a balance between material removal and sharpening precision.

  7. Ideal for general-purpose sharpening of tools, including turning tools, chisels, and drill bits.

  8. Suitable for restoring the cutting edge on moderately worn tools.

  9. Fine Grit (600 to 1,000):

  10. Fine-grit CBN wheels are used for achieving a sharp cutting edge with a smooth finish.

  11. Suitable for sharpening and honing woodworking tools, lathe tools, and carving tools.

  12. Ideal for maintaining the sharpness of tools without significant material removal.

  13. Extra Fine Grit (1,200 and above):

  14. Extra fine-grit CBN wheels are used for achieving an extremely sharp and polished edge.

  15. Commonly used for honing and polishing fine woodworking tools, knives, and blades.

  16. Ideal for achieving a mirror-like finish on the cutting edge.


BN (Cubic Boron Nitride) diamond sharpening wheels have a wide range of applications in various industries and settings where precision sharpening and grinding of cutting tools and materials are required.Applications for CBN diamond sharpeningg wheels:

  1. Woodworking:

  2. Chisels: CBN wheels are used to sharpen woodworking chisels, ensuring a sharp edge for precise wood shaping and carving.

  3. Plane Blades: Plane blades require a keen edge for smooth and efficient planing. CBN wheels help maintain their sharpness.

  4. Turning Tools: Woodturning tools, such as gouges and skews, benefit from CBN sharpening wheels to maintain their cutting edges.

  5. Metalworking:

  6. Lathe Tools: CBN wheels are used to sharpen lathe tools, including carbide inserts and high-speed steel (HSS) tools, for turning, facing, and threading.

  7. Drill Bits: Precision grinding of drill bits is essential for accurate hole drilling. CBN wheels are used to sharpen twist drills.

  8. Milling Cutters: Sharpening milling cutters ensures efficient material removal in milling operations.

  9. Tool and Die Making: Tool and die makers use CBN wheels to maintain sharp punches, dies, and other precision cutting tools.

  10. Cutlery and Knife Sharpening:

  11. CBN sharpening wheels are employed in professional and home kitchens to sharpen and maintain the edges of kitchen knives, ensuring clean and precise cutting.

  12. Metal Fabrication:

  13. Metal fabricators use CBN wheels to sharpen and maintain the edges of metal cutting tools, such as saw blades and shearing blades.

  14. Aerospace and Automotive:

  15. CBN wheels are used for sharpening and maintaining cutting tools and inserts used in the aerospace and automotive industries for machining and fabrication.

  16. Tool and Cutter Grinding:

  17. Tool and cutter grinders use CBN wheels to precisely grind and sharpen various cutting tools, including end mills, reamers, and broaches.

  18. Glass and Ceramic Processing:

  19. CBN sharpening wheels are employed to cut, shape, and sharpen glass and ceramic materials used in glassworking and ceramic industries.

  20. Jewelry Making:

  21. Jewelers use CBN wheels for sharpening and shaping precision tools used in jewelry crafting and repair.

  22. Medical and Dental Instruments:

  23. Precision instruments used in the medical and dental fields, such as dental drills and surgical tools, are often sharpened using CBN wheels.

  24. Hobbyist and DIY Use:

  25. Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts use CBN sharpening wheels for various tasks, including sharpening hand tools, garden tools, and crafting tools.


CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) diamond sharpening wheels are available in various diameters to suit different sharpening machines and applications. The choice of wheel diameter depends on the size and type of cutting tools you plan to sharpen.List of common CBN diamond sharpening wheel diameters:

  1. 6-inch CBN sharpening Wheel: This size is commonly used in small benchtop sharpening machines and is suitable for sharpening a variety of tools, including chisels, plane blades, and small turning tools.

  2. 8-inch CBN sharpening Wheel: An 8-inch wheel offers a larger sharpening surface than the 6-inch version. It is popular for general-purpose sharpening tasks and can handle a wider range of tool sizes.

  3. 10-inch CBN Sharpening Wheel: Larger 10-inch wheels provide more surface area for sharpening larger tools and blades. They are suitable for professional workshops and industrial applications.

  4. 12-inch CBN sharpening Wheel: 12-inch wheels are larger and well-suited for industrial sharpening tasks, including the sharpening of industrial cutting tools, milling cutters, and saw blades.

  5. 14-inch CBN sharpening Wheel: These larger wheels are used in heavy-duty industrial settings for sharpening large cutting tools and blades used in metalworking and woodworking.

  6. 16-inch CBN sharpening Wheel: The 16-inch wheel offers a substantial sharpening surface and is typically found in large industrial sharpening equipment used for high-volume sharpening.

  7. Custom Sizes: In addition to the standard sizes mentioned above, manufacturers may offer custom-sized CBN sharpening wheels to meet specific requirements or fit unique sharpening setups.

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Q: What are the advantages of a flap wheel?

Advantages. The advantages of a flapwheel over a traditional disk are twofold: The separate flaps each attack the workpiece surface at a slightly different angle, and this varies slightly with tool angle. This avoids the common problem with flat sheets, where they produce repeated identical scratches.

Q: What is the difference between flap wheel and grinding wheel?

Flap discs are ideal for grinding, blending, finishing, and polishing surfaces, as well as removing rust, paint, and weld seams. Grinding discs are typically used for heavy-duty material removal, such as removing large welds, and shaping and smoothing metal edges.

Q: What is the best flap disc for grinding welds?

Flap discs are good for removing heavy weld seams and excess material while providing a long service life: For general use, the recommendation is a 60-grit ceramic flap disc. For greater speed and stock removal, a Type 29 conical is the best choice.

Q: What is a flap disc grinding wheel used for?

A flap disc is an abrasive product used to contour and shape metal. It consists of overlapping abrasive flaps glued to a backing plate and is regularly used for welding, machining, heavy-duty equipment work, and industrial maintenance. Common applications include: Cleaning flash from molds and castings.

Q: What is the best grit for flap discs?

Deburring and deflashing: 60 grit abrasive grain is ideal for deburring and deflashing work. Rust removal and blending: Abrasive grit in the more expansive range from 60 to 80 is optimal for finer work like rust removal and blending.

Q: Which grit flap disc would leave the smoothest finish on metal?

For finishing and sanding metal, a 120-grit flap disc could be your best option. Flat head flap discs best suit the purpose of finishing metal.

Q: What is the best flap wheel for stainless steel?

Designed for both mild and stainless steel, flap wheels made from zirconia (or zirconium) abrasive ribbon (blue / green in colour) are ideal for use on most metals including stainless steel. Other flap discs on the market made from using aluminium oxide abrasive ribbon are not suitable for use on stainless steel.

Q: Can you put a flap disc on a bench grinder?

Unmounted large flap wheels can conform to most shapes and are especially effective on pipes, tubes and other cylindrical items and are designed to be used on a bench grinder, pedestal grinder, or straight finishing tool with a 1 inch arbor.

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