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8" Cabbing Machine


The 8 Lapidary Cabochon Cabbing Grinder isn't just another machine. It's a powerhouse built for professionals and hobbyists working with glass, ceramic, crystal, and even superhard materials. This meticulously crafted grinder empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with exceptional performance and control.

Unmatched Capabilities:

  • Superior Power and Durability: Experience unwavering reliability with a robust build featuring a 1" stainless steel shaft with ball bearings, a thermally protected 3/4HP motor, and a durable 304 stainless steel hood. Conquer challenging materials with ease, ensuring this machine thrives in demanding environments.

  • Enhanced Efficiency with Adjustable Cooling:  Maintain optimal performance with the innovative adjustable drip water system. Eight shut-off valves for each wheel allow for precise control of cooling and lubrication, resulting in smoother and more efficient  grinding and polishing experiences.

  • Unmatched Versatility:  Don't be limited by your tools. This grinder accepts a wide range of wheels and drums, including silicon carbide, diamond, and rubber expandables. This adaptability allows you to tackle a vast array of materials with a single machine.

  • Spin-On Compatibility:  The shaft is tapped for a ¼-20 spin-on polish head and a 1/2"  aluminum lap  or diamond facet laps, expanding your application possibilities.

Standing Out from the Competition:

This 8" Lapidary Cabochon Cabbing Grinder surpasses competitors like the Cab King Lapidary, EZ Cab, Lortone, and Diamond Pacific models in several ways:

  • Larger Work Area:  Maximize your efficiency with a spacious 8-inch work surface that allows you to comfortably handle bigger projects.

  • Exceptional Value:  This feature-rich machine delivers exceptional value for its quality and capabilities, making it a smart investment for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Q: What tools do I need to make cabochons?
Making Cabochons with Handmade Tools Materials Needed. There are four different materials that I use to make my tools: Wood Dowels. The wood dowels that I use are one-half-inch in diameter. ... Shaped Wheels. The second tool that I use is made from Cratex rubberized wheels. ... Silicon Carbide Sanding Blocks.
Q: Can I cut my own diamonds?
Diamond cutting is not impossible on standard faceting equipment, but it's a formidable task requiring a good deal of care and study. You can start with a typical hobby faceting machine designed to cut colored stones. However, it's easier with a diamond cutting scaife machine.
Q: What is the hardest gemstone to cut?
The intervals between numbers on the scale are not equal, especially between 9 and 10. Even though ruby and sapphire (corundum) rate a 9, a diamond is many times harder. Chrysoberyl is the next hardest gem (Mohs hardness of 8.5) followed by topaz and spinel, which have a Mohs hardness of 8.
Q: How much does it cost to get a sapphire cut?
A standard 57 facet round brilliant costs $99 per carat ($99 minimum). Fancy cuts cost $129 per carat ($129 minimum), plus $1 per facet. practice recommended for most sapphires. Total- ly natural and permanent, heat treatment usually improves color and clarity.
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